London Design Festival’s
lighting destination

12pm – 10pm
19-20 September 2018

Nicholls & Clarke Building
3/10 Shoreditch High Street, London



darc room : live

Light Collective is proud to present darc room: live

In probably the biggest live education outreach programme the lighting industry has seen, we are planning to live stream all the darc room: live talks on our YouTube channel – Light Collective TV. We have an amazing array of 38 speakers, talking on a massive range of lighting related topics. Each presentation is short, sweet and to the point lasting only 15 minutes.
If you want to see darc room : live in the flesh for the best experience (as well as seeing great exhibitors and workshops) then register to attend.


Wednesday 19th September

12.00 Matt Hanbury

Lightly Technologies
Addressing the OLED Lighting Paradigm

12.20 Liz West

Liz West
Multi-angled colour

12.40 Sam Neuman

Kate and Sam
Nightclub Colour Splash – simple analogue multimedia lighting installations

13.00 Paul Traynor

Light Bureau
The Optic Cloak: Lighting of Architecture in Disguise of Art

13.20 Sanjit Bahra

Design Plus Light
To the Rhythm…. Our Biological Response to Artificial Lighting

13.40 Marci Song

Lighting up the London Design Festival – a test bed for experimental architectural lighting

14.00  Stuart Alexander

Michael Grubb Studios
For the love of cables…

14.20 Marcus Steffen

MS Lighting Design
Project Management: how to deliver a successful Lighting Design project

14.40 Neil Knowles

Light is art. Regulations and guidelines are superfluous

15.00 Mark Tweedale

Light4 Cundall
The sunlight simulation experience

15.20 Chiara Carucci

Lost in translation – Light (in) words

15.40 Ellie Greisen

Studio EG
The Disney Reef at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

16.00 Gary Thornton

The evolution of the modern day lighting designer

16.20 Brendan Keely / Juliet Rennie

Society of Light & Lighting
A Society of Light

16.40 Paul Beale

18 Degrees
Colour in Context

17.00 Vasiliki Malakasi

“Light as an immersive interactive experience”
KaleidoSCAPE: an immersive, interactive experience of light and colour

17.20 Rosa Dogg / Ágúst Gunnlaugsson

Limelight / EFLA
Diversity of light in Iceland

17.40 Richard Taylor

Graphic Strategy
Light, design, connectivity and all the other challenges

18.00 Olga Tuzova

Politecnico di Milano
Light in the shadow

Thursday 20th September

12.00 Matt Hanbury

Lightly Technologies
Addressing the OLED Lighting Paradigm

12.20 Gavriil Papadiotis

Lighting Design through a viewfinder

12.40 Mark Sutton Vane

Sutton Vane Associates
Big! Lighting the world’s largest new cultural centre, Kuwait

13.00 Jonathan Rush / Juan Ferrari

Hoare Lea
Project Seed – an immersive experience in virtual reality

13.20 Cinzia Moretti

Moretti Interior Design, BIID member
How to improve the perceived value of the interior with good lighting and how this can affect human psychology

13.40 Kristian Krogh

Lighting Design Collective
Playful Design – 5 prompts for the next 5 years

14.00 Elettra Bordonaro

Light Follows Behaviour
Aesthetic of light and social inequality

14.20 Peter Fordham

DHA Designs
Tunnel Vision – managing your client’s expectations on a diminishing budget

14.40 Karen Van Creveld

University College London
10 illuminating themes – light, health and wellbeing

15.00 Keith Bradshaw

Speirs + Major
Not letting go

15.20 Inessa Demidova

Empathetic design for healthcare

15.40 George Singer

George Singer
True Beauty

16.00 Ben Rigby

Making emotional connections with light

16.20 Katia Kolovea

Urban Electric London
Light: A non-verbal language in the urban space

16.40 Sunny Sribanditmongkol

Studio 29
Light: Identity

17.00 Bruno Falip

How DMX can impact the design of LED architectural lighting installations

17.20 Alex Bittner / Karen Smart

Lighting Design International
Lighting design… weighing lightly in a heavyweight construction industry?

17.40 Monique Tollgard

Staffan Tollgard Design Group
Q&A with darc editor, Helen Ankers : The challenge of contemporary finishes and lighting in a listed property

18.00 Dan Blaker

Innovation or interpretation