[d]arc room is a curated, creative lighting exhibition for specifiers and designers brought to you by arc and darc magazines and light collective, the team behind the [d]arc awards.

Returning for its fourth year in London, [d]arc room is different because it understands that the lighting industry is a creative one and we therefore need to present it to an extended design audience in a creative way. The creativity in lighting design is brought to life by the way that [d]arc room presents product to visitors as part of the London Design Fair, a vital component of London Design Festival. 

Your product is exhibited in pods in a pared down way that allows visitors to understand how each specific tool for lighting design works. This focused approach helps to broaden the appeal of architectural and decorative lighting to a wider audience and ensure the content of the exhibition is accessible to all. Each manufacturer has an opportunity to customise their pod while adhering to cohesive display guidelines that will ensure that the entire event visually achieves a high end gallery feel.


Taking place on 17-19 September, [d]arc room has its very own hall at the Old Truman Brewery, home to London Design Fair, which is part of London Design Festival. 

According to arc magazine’s 2020 International Lighting Design Survey there are now over 100 lighting design practices in London alone. These account for half the UK’s total of lighting design practices and that’s not to mention the thousands of interior designers and architects that are based in the UK’s capital and beyond. The vast majority of these designers not only specify in the UK but have a significant portfolio overseas. This makes London the capital of international specification.

We all know that it is extremely difficult to get architects and designers out of their studios to visit any event. Having a central location as part of a large design event will make it easier for these specifiers to attend and [d]arc room will give exhibitors the chance to tap in to this market in such a convenient location.

Being part of London Design Fair during London Design Festival has an obvious advantage in that the city is already buzzing with designers who are looking for inspiration and who set aside time to leave their studios knowing there is so much to see.