Little Sun, the social business founded by Olafur Eliasson, will be showing their Sunlight Graffiti installation.

The interactive installation will allow visitors to create their own Sunlight Graffiti images with a Little Sun solar lamp. Sunlight Graffiti is a microcosmos of the Little Sun project, where one can feel, in a creative, playful and mindful way, the impact he or she can have on their immmediate physical surrounding just by putting solar light into action.

Felix Hallwachs, CEO at Little Sun, will also be talking at the exhibition as part of the darc thoughts lecture programme that also includes Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde; Croatian Lighting Designer, Dean Skira; Daniel Stromborg, Product Designer at Gensler USA; and Kerem Asfuroglu, Lighting Designer at Speirs + Major.

Hallwachs said: “We all have to learn how to live and act more sustainably and how to share the energy of the earth and the sun. Together, we have to find solutions for our future. Little Sun is a social business that brings solar energy to people living off the grid, so that kids can study, read, and play after dark – without toxic kerosene lamps.”

A code will be available at darc room to order Little Sun solar lamps at a special price.