[d]arc room: live curated by Light Collective has the knack of encouraging excellent lighting design dialogue in a challenging and inclusive format. It was a fantastic platform to share my views about light and health.
Karen van Creveld – Karen van Creveld Lighting Design


Let us give you freedom from choice and take the stress out of stand building and hiring contractors with our own creative team.

We have created a unique display template that will appeal to visitors whilst making it easy for you to participate in. All you need to do is supply your product display and we will do the rest to create the [d]arc room concept. Customisation with graphics, screens and finishes is also possible within the [d]arc room ethos to create a truly inspiring creative lighting show.

At the end of the exhibition, we’ll then pack up for you and you can arrange collection of your luminaires from our contractor! 

Lighting is a creative industry and [d]arc room is a creative show. Let’s inspire our visitors together by making [d]arc room different. Every exhibitor will liaise with our team and with our contractors to go through the different designs, ideas and concepts to maximise your presence at [d]arc room.

Included in Standard Package for £7,000:

1. A 2m x 1.5m traditional shell scheme
(white painted ply).

2. Luminaires fixed to two vertical OSB panels (1m wide & full height) plus a ceiling panel (if required). Panels can be left raw, painted to standard colour (white, black or grey) or, if a specific colour is required, supply the paint for us to paint for you.

3. Black vinyl floor.

4. Installation of up to 6 light fittings (recessed, surface or pendant - track counts as one fitting).

5. A stool and plinth unit with internal storage for display or use as laptop stand.

6. Red floor vinyl with company logo in white.

7. Company name on OSB stand frame in standard font.

Optional extras
(prices upon application):

1. Extra OSB panels for full coverage of shell scheme.

2. Painting of white walls.

3. Installation of extra light fittings.

4. Wall graphics.

5. 13A power supply for laptop use.

6. Badge scanners.