Lee Broom Optimality for LDF 2016 featured in darc 18. Pic: Luke Hayes



darc room

…on five guiding principles that gets the best out of a lighting exhibition.

Lighting products will be exhibited in pods in a pared down way that allows visitors to understand the manufacturers’ offer and how each specific tool for lighting design works. This focused approach will help to broaden the appeal of architectural lighting to a wider audience and ensure the content of the exhibition is accessible to all. Cohesive display guidelines will ensure that the entire event visually achieves a high end museum/gallery feel.

Education will be a big part of darc room, both in the way products are displayed and in the conference program. We will educate designers as to the benefits of effective lighting design and by using different lighting products to achieve it.

Light installations from darc night, the darc awards event, show the actual use of architectural lighting products. This enables the work of the lighting community to be seen by a wider audience. Each installation will have a sign detailing the concept idea and how the installation was built. This will help to explain the creativity that lighting designers have and the possibilities of what can be achieved with architectural lighting products.

To complete the gallery experience there will be a Gift Shop space where manufacturers’ literature (brochures and product sheets) is located for collection by visitors after walking through the exhibition.

A cafe and bar space spectacularly lit (of course) and decorated by a picture gallery of all the winners from the 2017 darc awards / architectural and darc awards / decorative.