Wednesday 22 Sep

11.00 - 11.45
Technology & Decorative Design

Samuel Wilkinson, Product Designer
Simeon Chilvers, Cameron Design House

Our panelists sit down to discuss how technology continues to push product design forward within the decorative lighting sector; opening up more opportunities for specification and unique applications.

13.00 - 14.00
Diversity in Design
Women in Lighting for Gender Equality

Krishna Mistry, Mistry Lighting
Ruth Kelly Waskett, SLL / Hoare Lea
Marcus Steffen, MS Lighting Design
James Poore, JPLD

Following a recent survey carried out by our partner Women in Lighting, we will discuss women in leadership, women and work/life balance, and how we can fight gender bias together.

14.00 - 15.00
The Role of a Lighting Designer

Ellie Coombs, Nulty Lighting
Charlotte Svenson, LDI
Iain Carlile, dpa lighting consultants

As part of Discussions at Design London, join us to discuss the importance of ‘good’ lighting design when working on a hospitality or commercial project and why it is essential lighting is a consideration in the early stages.

15.30 - 16.30
Norwich Cathedral Project Focus

Mark Major & Philip Rose, Speirs Major

Norwich Cathedral received a sensitive, yet sustainable overhaul of its lighting. Mark Major and Philip Rose of Speirs Major, together with Bruce Kirk of Light Perceptions, sit down to discuss the many layers to the lighting scheme and its technicalities. This will be followed by Q&A with arc editor, Matt Waring.

17.00 - 18.00
The Spectrum

Kicking off the [d]arc night awards party, the design teams behind this year's light art installations will run through this year's design concepts.

Presentations from the following teams:
Arup / Lumascape
Buro Happold / TLS
Hoare Lea / Seoul
Lighting Design International / LedFlex
Nulty / Erco
Studio-29 / Kingfisher Lighting

Thursday 23 Sep

11.00 - 11.45
Mayfair Hotel Project Focus

Kate Wilkins, Kate & Sam Lighting Designers
Sam Neuman, Kate & Sam Lighting Designers

The Mayfair Townhouse luxury hotel has received a stunning design overhaul from Goddard Littlefair and Kate & Sam Lighting Designers. Inspired by the flamboyant Oscar Wilde and his contemporaries, the design duo revisit the lighting concept.

13.00 - 14.00
Diversity in Design
Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Lighting

Rouwaida Dugawalla, light.func
Alexandria Dauley, United in Design
Seraphina Gogate, Nulty

Following on from darc magazine’s feature on racial and ethnic diversity within the lighting and design communities, three of the women featured in the article carry on the important conversations around diversity to ensure the topic is kept alive and kicking in the industry.

14:30 - 15.15
The Impact of Exterior Lighting

Alison Gallagher, Arup
Gary Thornton, The Lighting Police / Nulty
Aiman Shah, Isometrix Lighting Design
Daniel Lemajic, TLS

As the issue of light pollution becomes more recognised within the lighting design community, a panel of experts discuss the various factors to consider when designing exterior lighting, from environmental and ecological impacts to wider cultural differences.

16.00 - 16.45
The Human Side of Lighting Control

Miguel Aguado, Lutron
Mark Sutton Vane, Sutton Vane Associates
Nicola Agresta, Inverse Lighting
Ellie Cozens, Foundry

Much has been said and promised about Human Centric Lighting, however without a good lighting control strategy it can become a hindrance instead of a benefit. Join us while we explore the conjunction of lighting design, lighting technology and lighting control.

Friday 24 Sep

11.00 - 11.45
Trends in Decorative Lighting

Anna Burles, Run For The Hills
Marvin George, Foundry
Mark Harper, Dernier & Hamlyn
Scott Richler, Gabriel Scott

The panel will discuss how decorative lighting is currently being specified, what designers are asking for and how manufacturers are responding, while looking at challenges within the sector and assessing whether Brexit is impacting what's possible on a project and influencing design.

13.00 - 14.00
Diversity in Design:
Queer Equality

Colin Ball, BDP
Emma Cogswell, Skills Army / IALD
Sophie O'Rourke, Nulty

Continuing the Diversity in Design theme for this year’s [d]arc thoughts, our final talk on the topic covers the lighting and design industry’s inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community and how companies and associations are working to ensure their workplaces are a safe and inclusive space.

14.30 - 15.15
Sustainability & Circular Economy

Arfon Davies, GreenLight Alliance / Arup
Sofia Hagen, HagenHinderdael
Bob Bohannan, LIA

The push for a circular economy is steadily gaining traction within the lighting and design community, as designers and manufacturers alike look for more eco-friendly, sustainable solutions. This panel will discuss what more can be done, and the measures some have already taken, to create a more circular economy.