“I love the [d]arc room booth concept! With all exhibitors getting the same space, they have to think about their installation in a non-traditional way which promotes creativity and curation. It was the best lighting exhibition in the UK last year. Can’t wait for 2019!”
Marcus Steffan – MS Lighting

The Show

[d]arc room will have its own hall at London Design Fair in The Old Truman Brewery and will benefit from its extensive marketing campaign and its 29,000 visitors as well as our own targeted marketing to the lighting design community.

These impressive visitor figures will be added to by our own specific lighting design audience, which attracted over 4,500 visitors last year. 

The Concept

[d]arc room is different because it understands that the lighting industry is a creative one and we therefore need to present it to an extended design audience in a creative way. The creativity in lighting design is brought to life by the way that [d]arc room presents product to visitors as part of the London Design Fair.

Your product is exhibited in pods in a pared down way that allows visitors to understand how each specific tool for lighting design works. This focused approach helps to broaden the appeal of architectural and decorative lighting to a wider audience and ensure the content of the exhibition is accessible to all. Each manufacturer has an opportunity to customise their pod while adhering to cohesive display guidelines that will ensure that the entire event visually achieves a high end gallery feel.